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Alberta University of the Arts

1407 14th Ave NW

Calgary, AB


HOURS: tue-fri 11am-6pm; sat 11am-4pm.

To Nov 20
Contingent Systems, curated by Assistant Professors Dr. Ashley Scarlett and Lisa Lipton and featuring the work of 8 international artists and collectives, FRAUD (Francisco Gallardo and Audrey Samson), Sarah Friend, LA Birdwatchers (Suzanne Kite, Aljumaine Gayle, Nicholas Shapiro and Ladan Mohamed Siad), Helen Knowles, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Anna Ridler, Stephanie Syjuco, ZZYW. Contingent Systems explores critical intersections between creative practice and algorithmic culture. Supported by Canada Council of the Arts. Funding for the Curatorial Internship in support of the development of these programmes was provided by: Rawlinson Faculty Research Investment and supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Opening Jan 13
The Distance Between: Jude Griebel and Lorraine Simms.

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