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Anvil Centre

777 Columbia St, 3rd Fl.

New Westminster, BC


HOURS: wed-sun 10am-5pm by appt only.

To Dec 5
Elizabeth Price, Fiona Tan, Zimoun: Assembly
. Three international artists consider the human drive to collect, categorize and control knowledge and data, information in the search for order and meaning…and the inevitable and attendant shifts and changes. Works in this exhibition tell of collected histories, processes and systems and their monumental, physical constructions. The highs and lows of human nature are exposed, detailing a spectrum of rational and creative thought along with the totalitarian or permissive consequences. The implications of creativity, imagination and the physical laws governing order are considered in the complex struggle for power and order in a seemingly chaotic world.


A contemporary public art gallery devoted to presenting extraordinary international, national and regional new media artists.

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