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115 West Esplanade

North Vancouver, BC

604-990-3700 (ex 8016)

HOURS: Opening 2021


3203 Institute Rd.

North Vancouver, BC

604-990-3700 (ex 8011)

HOURS: mon-thu by appt.

ONLINE Ongoing
Artists in the Archives. Handsworth Secondary School students reimagine the past through images that transform archival photographs and introduce new cultural perspectives.

ONLINE Opening Nov 10
An Archival View: The History of Photography on the North Shore, 1860-2021. A rare opportunity to view vintage prints selected from the holdings of MONOVA: Archives of North Vancouver. Spanning 150 years, the photographic materials on exhibit include daguerreotypes, tintypes, albumen prints and more. Many of these images are vernacular, created by amateurs as by-products of their daily lives. Other images are the creative product of professional photographers and artists, such as Leonard Frank and Ian Baxter. Curated by Dr. Jessica Bushey and Emily Sylman.

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