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510 Fort St

Victoria, BC


HOURS: wed-sat 12-5pm.

To Jan 22
The Garden of Earthly Delights is the first exhibition of works by Montreal-based artist Juan Ortiz-Apuy on the west coast. Using video, light, sculpture, and living gardens, his works create a rhizomatic exploration of commodity fetishism, exploitation, and the tensions between the natural and artificial.

Two Spirit Rising, a mural project by Coast Salish artist Margaret August. It presents a series of images that includes depictions of Thunderbirds as symbols of strength, power, and protection. The project speaks to the two spirited people who are rising in today’s world to show their gifts, and to find their gifts.


Founded in September 1972, Open Space is a non-profit artist-run centre located in Victoria, British Columbia. For over forty years, Open Space has supported professional artists who utilize hybrid and experimental approaches to media, art, music, and performance. As an exhibition and performance centre, Open Space reflects the wide diversity of contemporary art practices in Victoria, across Canada, and beyond. Our commitment to contemporary artists is an inclusive situation, embracing work by artists of different disciplines, media, generations, cultures, and communities.

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