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425 – 268 Keefer St

Vancouver, BC

HOURS: tue-sat 12-6pm. 

To Dec 15
Eva Wong and Naoko Fukumaru: Mass Reincarnation of Wish Fragments (Ganhen Tairyou Tensei). An open collaboration art installation which brings together the traditional Japanese practices of origami and kintsugi. The exhibit showcases 1,000 origami butterflies, made by community members during our Butterfly Workshops, bursting out of a kintsugi cocoon. The written wishes of the workshop participants are hidden within the folds of each butterfly, carried away to be answered by the gods. Kintsugi, long considered a metaphor for the embracing of one’s imperfections, is the art of repairing broken pottery by mending the cracks with gold; paired with the butterfly’s story of transformation, Mass Reincarnation of Wish Fragments reflects themes that are common in 2SLGBTQ+ culture, especially the transgender experience.


SUM Gallery is the only gallery in Canada dedicated to the presentation of queer art. SUM produces, presents and exhibits with a curatorial vision favouring challenging, thought-provoking multidisciplinary work that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue. Internationally-known for producing the Queer Arts Festival, SUM brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer art and artists.

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