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Feb – Mar 2021 Oregon Vignettes

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By Joseph Gallivan

Barbara Black, Equine Observation, 2020 Photo: Kristin Solomon

Blackfish Gallery, Portland. Feb 2 – 21

Barbara Black and Angela Passalacqua use metaphoric imagery and themes surrounding the powerful world of dreams to navigate existential subjects and the unconscious worlds within. In Black’s improvisational paintings, watery washes reveal surreal figuration combined with architectural elements, infusing compositions rich with poetic undertones. Passalacqua creates allegorical narrations that draw from an old suitcase from Sicily containing family photos from a bygone era. They recall the Greek antiquity of the island and continue the artist’s interest in chimeras, especially as they relate to her own family history.

Tom Fawkes, Villa Medici – Valesquez Vicolo, 2020

Russo Lee Gallery, Portland. Mar 4 – 27

Tom Fawkes is a longtime art teacher in Oregon and Wisconsin whose realistic paintings of formal gardens throb with the wildness of the tamed topiary and trees. Working with acrylics on canvas or wood panel, the octogenarian Fawkes paints sunlit mansions and temples that have stood in Italy and France for centuries, yet look right out of the 21st century thanks to his practiced eye and hand.